1. Do you have skipping ropes? We have you covered with our amazing ‘every child skips‘ initiative. Very high quality skipping ropes designed for school children at the best possible price. or maybe the Primary School Skipping Rope Set would suit. 
  2. If you have ropes already then you will need to register your school with the virtual skipping league. Registration is free and it’s nice and easy. Click here.
  3. Write down and share you login details if there will be other teachers submitting scores.
  4. You will have access to lesson plans and support videos to explain – how you can teach your school children the best way to approach the 30 second skipping trial.
  5. Run exciting skipping P.E. Lessons or get the children practicing in breakout sessions or at lunchtime in the playground, or in after school clubs.
  6. Collect your scores and submit them on the 30 Seconds Speed Trial Page.
  7. See how the Total Score for your school is improving and who is in the lead in your Inter-House Competition.

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