The Primary School that Teaches the Fastest Skippers in the World!

"The answer was skipping. It is simple and easy it is not affected by venue, equipment, or weather. "
primary school children skipping

Cen Xiaolin can do 228; he holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest Skipper, earning him the nickname “worlds strongest thighs”. Cen Xiaolin, is now 19 years old and is the world skipping champion. In the 2015 World Inter-School rope skipping championship he set a new record of 108 jumps in 30 seconds ( For the official world record only one foot is counted so when scored like Virtual Skipping League then score is doubled to 216) at the time he was just 14 years old.


It all started in 2012 when Cen was 11 years old in the beginning in gym class the coach thought that he showed good endurance and he asked him to join the skipping team.

At the time I thought it was just fun to be jump roping (skipping) and did not expect to get to this result.

Cen Xiaolin

His coach, the man who trains the “world’s strongest thighs” is Lai Xuanzhi a P.E. teacher at Qixing Primary School.

I am a Jump Rope teacher who cannot jump rope.

Lai Xuanzhi

Lai was the first full time PE teacher the Primary School ever hired and the first teacher with a University degree.

At that time school was underfunded and didn't even have a budget for sports equipment. So I thought what sport does not require money? The answer was jump rope. It is simple and easy it is not affected by venue, equipment, or weather.

Lai Xuanzhi

But he still needed to find ropes for his students.

At the time the school was just renovated there are a lot of discarded wires in the building so I collected them and then you know how I made the handles? Do you know what item is most used in village construction? Because there is a hole in bamboo, I could run a wire through it to make a jump rope. It was that simple after all that the biggest challenge was teaching the students how to jump rope. I have watched hundreds of jump rope videos and spent days everyday observing how I could make my students jump faster I researched a lot and really dove into jump roping. I thought about how to improve it and do it faster, later I came up with a method called the half squat so when jump rope is used this method, they (students) jump faster.

Lai Xuanzhi

In 2012 he met the student who become his most famous protégé.

Cen Xiaolin 30 seconds skipping world record holder

The first time I met Cen he was a child who did not like to talk was very shy and had low self-esteem.

Lai Xuanzhi

He gave him hours and hours of training. Just like his other students to jump rope you need to develop endurance.

It is just like running. I think it is coordination because if your feet are quick, but your hands are not you will make mistakes. So both hands and feet need to be equally fast.

Cen Xiaolin

I had a lot of misunderstanding about jump rope it was only later that I understood how much jump rope has positively impacted our school and our students look at how beautiful our school is, because of jump rope look at my students how confident they are. Confident students will have a good future.

Lai Xuanzhi

At first, I thought jumping rope was fun and I joined the team but then I realised that jump rope could change my destiny.

Cen Xiaolin

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