1. The virtual skipping league is open to schools and organisations registered at any time during the competition period with scores submitted on unlimited occasions during competition period.

2. Schools and clubs must register on the virtual skipping league website. The participation of any school in the virtual skipping league will be at the discretion of the virtual skipping league. The virtual skipping league also reserve the right to invite any school or organisation into the competition arena.

3. Comparison and score calculations for the competition are based on the age of the skippers. For schools, assessment is based on the corresponding year group (see table below). The age of the oldest partner for partner skips or team member for team disciplines will dictate to which year group the score must be attributed.

3.1. Rule exception: Any class that includes a child who is delayed by an academic year will be able to compete with and against their peers.

4. Schools or clubs may enter as many teams as they wish but only the top scoring team will count towards the school or clubs league position for each discipline when a year group is compared. In addition only the top placement across all year groups competed for by the organisation will contribute points towards the ‘Overall’ score.

5. The term “tag” refers to the name by which a skipper, a pair of skippers or group of skippers (in the case of team disciplines) is identified. Anyone wishing to participate will need to enter a tag name. Individual skippers under the age of 16 can use their own name if they wish, but it will be presumed that permission has been sought from the relevant adults. For individuals we suggest first name and initial letter of surname.

6. The term “subset” refers to any collective within a school or organisation, for example the “houses” within a school, and is only relevant when the intra aspect of the competition is used. The subset facility enables you to run festivals and competitions within your school or organisation. It will be presumed that any child or group of children comprise boys and girls that are registered at that school or organisation.

7. All assessors, counters and skippers must understand and agree to the the virtual skipping league code of conduct.

8. Rules can be amended or updated at any time by the virtual skipping league with all changes published to this page.

VSL Age Age England and Wales N. Ireland Scotland Ireland
1 5-6 yrs Year 1 Primary 2 P2 Snr Infants
2 6-7 yrs Year 2 Primary 3 P3 1st class
3 7-8 yrs Year 3 Primary 4 P4 2nd class
4 8-9 yrs Year 4 Primary 5 P5 3rd class
5 9-10 yrs Year 5 Primary 6 P6 4th class
6 10-11 yrs Year 6 Primary 7 P7 5th class
7 11-12 yrs Year 7 Year 8 S1 6th class
8 12-13 yrs Year 8 Year 9 S2 1st Year
9 13-14 yrs Year 9 Year 10 S3 1st Year
10 14-15 yrs Year 10 Year 11 S4 2nd Year
11 15-16 yrs Year 11 Year 12 S5 3rd Year
12 16-17 yrs Year 12 Year 13 S6 4th/5th Year
13 17-18 yrs Year 13 Year 14 S6 5th/6th Year
Adult 18 + Adult Adult Adult Adult

The virtual skipping league was developed as a way of increasing the number of people who skip. We believe the focus should be on fun as well as fitness and that competitive skipping will fulfill both criteria.

Assessors and Counters

We expect assessors and counters to be honest and accurate when assessing skippers and inputting score data. The essence of the virtual skipping league depends entirely on the integrity of both skippers, counters and assessors and full adherence to the code of conduct and the rules as outlined above are crucial to its success.

1) Please ensure the disciplines chosen to be entered by the skipper are suitable for their experience, age, maturity and ability.

2) Encourage participants to conduct themselves fairly and with respect to all other skippers and to acknowledge the performance of all skippers.

3) Actively discourage violation of rules or unfair play and ensure the performance of all disciplines is in keeping with the spirit of the rules.

4) Scores must be measured accurately and recorded as such on the website.

5) Each and every result should be entered on the website. Regardless of the actual score, the achievement must be acknowledged and valued.

6) Assessors must never be tempted to put the performance and final result before the safety and well-being of any skippers.


1) Skippers must always conduct themselves in a gracious manner, whether in victory or defeat. The final result is of no more importance than the participation, effort or performance.

2) In team disciplines, the effort of each and every member should be recognised and applauded accordingly.

3) Each virtual skipping league discipline has distinct guidelines and rules and must be adhered to at all times.

4) The decisions and measurements taken by the adjudicating assessor and the virtual skipping league must be respected at all times.

Intra School

1. For each discipline all individuals, partnerships or teams will be placed in ranking order compared with peers of the same age group. The top five scores are taken from each house in a given year group. All year groups added together for overall score for each house.

Inter School

1. For each discipline all individuals, partnerships or teams will be placed in ranking order compared with peers of the same age group. The top five scores are taken from each year group. All year groups added together for overall score for each school.